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The  Nova Slayer Series is our own line of rod blanks. Designed by Nova Tackle Company and hand rolled to our specifications.


The  NTX1653 is an all around great Steelhead rod for the Great Lakes  region.  It is a 13' rod, rated for 6-12lb leader.  The tip section is soft enough to protect light leaders, while the butt section is stout and can turn large steelhead to help the angler control his fish. This  rod has lots of Reserve power in the bottom end, allowing steelhead  fisherman to control their catch better.


We  utilize USA made CFX carbon fiber grips along with a rubber coated graphite reel  seat, which will help keep your hands warm in the winter. 


Each rod is hand built in the USA.  We utilize the best available  components  and add attention to detail in all of our rods.  Items such  as over  sized guides for the Great Lakes Region, which help reduce ice  build up  in the guides when fishing in below freezing temperatures.  

High Frame SIC Guides to a low frame #8 SIC guide.

Over sized #8 guides to the tip.

10" Rear Grip 

6" Fore Grip

Carbon Fiber Reel Seat

Nova weighted butt cap for perfect balance

Matte Blank finished Blank

Guides wrapped in Black

NTX1563 13ft 6-12lb 2 piece Center Pin Rod

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