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These T-stops are specifically designed for all of your Soft Bead needs. The stops feature a tight fit to the line and a coned "T" that keeps your bead from slipping over.  


To Use:  Thread T-Stop onto your leader like you would a bobber stop.  If your soft bead has a hole in it, slide your soft bead down the line and slide the bead over the stop until it bottoms out and adjust your distance to your hook from there.  If your soft bead does not have a hole in it, you can use a sewing needle to thread your soft bead onto and then slide it onto your line.  This process makes for a tighter fit and is the preferred method.


Pegs Beads from 8mm - 16mm 10 T-Stops per ring, 4 rings in a package (40 Total Stops

Soft Bead T-Stop Pegs

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